27 Point Safety Inspection

Your Safety Comes First

At Charlie's Foreign Car we want our customers to feel safe by ensuring the reliability of their vehicle in a affordable way.  When you come in for an Oil Change or a Tire Inspection we perform a 27 Point Safety Inspection This inspection will help avoid any unwanted surprises by catching any problems before they happen.

  • brakes

  • brake fluid

  • tire

  • tire pressure

  • power steering fluid

  • transmission fluid

  • coolant level

  • parking lights

  • head lights

  • running lights

  • directional signals

  • control arms

  • shocks

  • struts

  • reverse lights

  • drive belts

  • inspect for oil leaks

  • motor mounts

  • transmission mount

  • air filter

  • cabin filter

  • service interval

  • fuel cap

  • NOTATE any lights on i.e. Check engine, TPMS, Battery, etc etc

  • Inspect air conditioning components for leaks

  • inspect power steering components

  • battery condition


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