Road Trip Ready

Road Trips should be exciting and full of adventure.  Pic a car suitable for all your Road Trip needs.  When it comes to music try creating a theme with your playlists.  So when you're traveling through California you might want to try bands that came out of California by genre or just place... Guns n Roses, The Doors, Motley Crew just to give a few examples.

When passing through the small towns and big cities skip the fast food and restaurant chains you know so you can eat local.  

Once you've mapped out your trip, gone over your checklists... snacks check, music check, map check, available space on my phone for pictures... check.

One more thing before you hit the highway.  How is your car running?  Don't forget about the small living space you'll be sharing for an extended time with your friends or family.  Even something as simple as a wiper blade can make for a bad time if you discover they are bad during a downpour.