2006 Porsche Engine Rebuild

In Part 1 of this series, we're going to explore the cylinders and find out what is causing our misfire. This will give us an opportunity to see what the cylinders look like at more than 60K miles on this 2006 Porsche 911.

We chose Motor Works INC for their many years of trusted experience and knowledge with machining especially these 911 clamshell engines. Mike and Cisco are have been doing this for more than a combined 60 years.

Exploring the cylinders

It was using lots of oil and had a loud ticking sound. The cylinders had lots of bore scoring.

The case inside a case

Opening the outer shell will expose the crankshaft

We're going to bore the cylinder to prepare for the new cylinder.


In part 1 we inspected the cylinders and found the bad gouging in cylinder 6. We heated up the engine block for temporary block expansion so we can easily drop in the sleeves.

Part 2

What can you expect to see in part 2... you'll have to wait. Enjoy your day!

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