Charlie’s Foreign Car Service has performed MERCEDES auto repair in Encinitas since 1978

We have been servicing Mercedes Benz for over 30 years.  Mercedes auto repair and maintenance used to be very simple and planned out.  Every 30,000 miles you did what the book recommended, and cars lasted a much longer time.  Since 1998 Mercedes Benz started with “A” service and “B” service.   These auto repair services can be confusing for the customer to prioritize.  At Charlie’s Foreign Car we have tried to take the confusion out of “A” service, “B” service, “C” service, etc, etc.  Charlie’s Foreign Car Service has done enough research to find that these auto repair services are nothing more than a basic oil service plus some periodic inspections.  Charlie’s Foreign Car performs these periodic inspections at no charge to the customer along with a standard oil service.  Our service advisers will make you aware of any other recommended auto repair service(s) that our technicians found, in the periodic inspection, and prioritize a list for you.

Call us for any Mercedes auto repair or maintenance questions 760-753-4969