Vehicle Service History

The world is moving at a very fast pace right now.  We get many calls and email requests from around the world asking for customers' previous history reports.  Charlie's Foreign Car has taken a stand to not share any customer information or vehicle information with anyone else without written approval.

If you're calling from an auction line and you've found through CarFax that Charlie's has serviced this vehicle, we will not share any information.  Please put yourself in the same shoes as the previous owner of the vehicle.  You wouldn't want auto repair work that you paid for to become the property of someone else.  

Personal Information Sharing
We do not share vehicle info with anyone or any outside party without having written (email) authorization from the vehicle owner who paid for service work.
We do not attempt to call a previous owner about sharing previous repairs with the new owner.
We do not give out previous owner information.

{ We Don't Do It }