4 Most Important Maintenance Items On Your Vehicle.

Here are some ways you can prevent unexpected maintenance that can lead to serious problems.

1. Oil

Exhaust gasses from the cylinders and even small bits of metal will contaminate the oil and reduce its effectiveness.  Heat from the engine also breaks down the oil.  Just like any other fluid, heat will reduce the viscosity (thickness) of the oil.  If the oil becomes too thin, it won’t lubricate the engine as well as it should, and parts wear out faster.  Our service team will help you find the right schedule for your vehicle.  Watch this video to see what all is included in an oil change.  

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2. Air Filters

You want to check your air filters to make sure they are clean and free of damage and debris.  A clogged air filter can reduce airflow to the engine causing incorrect air-fuel mixture and spark plug ignition problems.

​Another Air Filter you want to make sure you get checked is your Cabin Air Filter.  Keep the air in your car as clean as possible.  Watch this video to hear all the benefits of clean Air Filters.

3. Brakes Pads

In the life of your brakes, there are several indicators to help you know when your brakes are wearing out.  They alert you to when it's time for new pads... when it's REALLY time for new pads and when it's ABSOLUTELY TIME FOR NEW PADS.  Brake inspections are good to do anytime you're getting your car services.  Watch this video and find out why brakes squeak, and squeal.

We have previously been hosed by another BMW specialist in SD and we now know our go to spot for anything auto related. They quickly diagnosed and fixed our recent electrical issues returning the vehicle back in very little time. Sean and Niko were patient, polite, kind and honest. Thank you.

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4. Tires

Tires are the one thing that separates you from the road.  You want to inspect your tires often for wear, is it wearing on the inside or the outside, Is it wearing evenly?  Check the depth of the tread and just the overall look of the tires.  

No one knows the way your car drives better than you.  If you notice a difference in the way your car feels while driving then you should inspect the tires.  Wearing tires can be an indicator of bigger problems.  

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