Charlie’s Foreign Car Service has performed BMW auto repair in Encinitas since 1978

At Charlie’s Foreign Car Service we have been specializing in the Auto Repair and Maintenance of BMW automobiles since our inception in 1978.  We have all the required diagnostic tools and personnel to fix and repair any year make or model of BMW.

Inspection 1, Inspection 2?

These auto repair and maintenance services are defined differently at each Dealership.  You can get prices quoted anywhere from the low $200.00′s to upwards of $1200.00!! Yikes!! The question you must ask yourself is, what exactly am I paying for?

Am I paying for an oil service and air filter replacement?

Am I getting new spark plugs?

Am I getting the differential fluid replaced?

Am I getting the cabin filter replaced?

Am I getting a transmission fluid service with a filter?

To generally answer the question, you’re not getting any of these other fluids replaced because BMW calls them lifetime fill fluids.  In the technical world there is no such thing as lifetime fluids.  We recommend replacing all these fluids every 50,000 miles (Mike Miller old school Maintenance schedule).

If Charlie’s Foreign Car Service performs an Inspection 2 every 50,000 miles (Transmission fluid and filter replacement, differential fluid replacement, replacement of fuel filter, replace engine air filter, replace cabin filters, replace spark plugs),  Charlie’s Foreign Car Service will guarantee that the rear differential will never go bad (internally lubricated bearings, and ring and pinion gear).  If a rear differential fails bring the vehicle back for inspection and Charlie’s Foreign Car Service will replace the differential free of parts and labor. “M” series vehicles excluded.

Call us for any BMW auto repair or maintenance questions 760-753-4969