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Charlie’s Foreign Car Service has performed Audi auto repair in Encinitas since 1978

The most commonly asked question about these vehicles is timing belts. Audi has recently become a defendant in a class action lawsuit about timing belts. Starting around 1999 Audi recommended the replacement of the timing belt be at 105,000 mile intervals. The problem is the “timing belt” doesn’t last that long and are “failing” at an earlier date than prescribed. To generally combat this issue Audi now recommends to replace the “timing belt” at 75,000 mile intervals and also to have periodic inspections performed.

Charlie’s Foreign Car Service has found that the “timing belt” is not the cause of failure, but it’s tensioners, pulleys, and water pumps are. If an Audi timing belt tensioner fails,this will cause the belt to fail, which in turn will cause catastrophic engine damage. Contact Us to learn about the recommended parts to replace while replacing the ”timing belt” on your Audi.

Call us for any Audi auto repair or maintenance questions 760-753-4969

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